My fishing village is better that your fishing village

Ben Towill is no stranger to small fishing towns, having spent his formative years learning to cook in Cornwall, England, where his childhood friend Phil Winser was a frequent visitor. Now, as the creators of the Lower East Side’s farm-to-table restaurant Fat Radish, they are spending the summer in Montauk, perfecting the eclectic, seafood-heavy menu at Ruschmeyer’s. While their new digs may be slightly more glamorous than blue collar Padstow, Cornwall, each village has its own unparalleled charms. Having never been, or even heard of Padstow, we picked the restauranteur’s brains to tell us who’s fishing village is really better - Montauk or Padstow. The evidence was at times indiscernible, due to a thick accent and a liberal use of the Queen’s English, so based on the information below, we’ll let you be the judge as to who has the best catch, the biggest drinking problem, and the tastiest “cockles”. [Click image to enlarge].