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Scramble Magazine Is Out Now!

We are pleased to announce the inaugural issue of Scramble—an homage to the outdoors. A collaboration between Range and The Usual, this new print edition celebrates adventure, exploration and the natural world through a youthful, irreverent lens. The title “Scramble” is a nod to the practice of climbing quickly using one’s hands and feet; a tribute to the outdoor industry this was created for; and a nod to how we scrambled to quickly complete the project given a rather tight turnaround time. Printed in a run of 3,000, the collectible publication will be available at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City, UT. Scramble is packed with infographics, illustrations, interviews with industry insiders, and contributions by revered photographers Jim Mangan, Brian Merriam, and Aaron Durand.

About the collaboration:
Scramble was created by three women, with a love for the outdoors. Jeanine Pesce is a trend expert and founder of RANGE, an agency dedicated to active, sport and lifestyle markets. The Usual is a creative team founded by Emily Anderson and Yasha Wallin specializing in intelligent, playful branded content. We are storytellers, global connectors and enthusiasts, working across a variety of platforms.

Introducing: The Drift

We’re excited to announce the launch of The Drift, our collaborative newsprint publication with Patagonia to celebrate all things snow. Issue 1 features Patagonia ski and snowboard ambassadors Caroline Gleich, Josh Dirksen, Gerry Lopez, Kye Petersen, Liz Daley, Pep Fujas, Forrest Shearer, Taro Tamai, Alex Yoder, and Aidan Sheahan. Pick up your Winter 2013/14 copy at select Patagonia stores worldwide.

For more information and to read the issue online visit: and For updates follow us @theusualmontauk, @patagonia #pursuitofpowder

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One Year Later, Remembering Hurricane Sandy

zak Bush the USual hurricane sandy

One year ago today, Hurricane Sandy blasted the East Coast, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. On this anniversary, we look back at our feature “Sandy From Afar’ in The Usual x Patagonia issue 4.

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The Usual in Canvas Magazine

We were stoked to be profiled in the ‘Draw your Life’ issue of Canvas Magazine. They swear they wrote about Emily’s illustrations and The Usual, but it’s in Japanese and based on the photos they chose of Emily, the text is more likely explaining to readers what not to wear. We’ll translate it when we get our hands on a copy.

emily anderson

emilyanderson the usual

Spotlight: Chris Burkard

Climbing takes teamwork, especially when it comes to documenting the adventure. Chris’ image perfectly captures the moment when climber and photographer are aligned; with light, landscape, and emotion acting as collaborators for the perfect shot. Chris also recently won a Red Bull Illume award for his photography. Follow him @chrisburkard.

Photographer: Chris Burkard
Equipment: Nikon D300s, 17–50mm f2.8
Joshua Tree is known for its amazing evening glow. As the sun sets over the inland valley, it casts a warm light across the red granite. Rarely do I pull out a camera when climbing, as it has always been a refuge from my work as a photographer. But sometimes when everything comes together I can’t help it. Here, Jeff Johnson was working on a classic boulder—a classic Lynn Hill problem—that has become a test piece for JTree bouldering, known for its non-existent holds and stemming technique. Shooting bouldering is so much different than any other form of climbing: it’s more intimate. - Chris Burkard

Climber: Jeff Johnson
Equipment: 1 x Crash pad, 1 x Metolius chalk bag, 1 x La Sportiva shoes, 1 x Patagonia jeans, 1 x Patagonia merino wool shirt

Chris Burkard The Usual Patagonia
Joshua Tree National Park, CA
33°47´18˝ N 115°53´54˝ W

The Usual reviewed on the Japanese New Yorker!


The Vertical Launch Party in Pictures

Last Thursday night a crowd of over 100 people came out for the launch of The Vertical, our special collaborative edition created with Patagonia to celebrate East Coast climbing and beyond. Patagonia’s Jeff Johnson shared his photographs from recent trips, while climbing enthusiasts downed Vita Coco and beer from 6 Point Brewery. Here are some party pix if you missed it. And be sure to visit Patagonia’s Meatpacking store (414 14th Street, NYC) to pick up your free copy of the The Vertical, or read it online here. Photos by Brian Uyeda.

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Food, Farming and Filmmaking

jeff lipsky malloy brothers the usual

Collectively, the Malloy brothers—Chris, Keith and Dan—have traveled the world over countless times searching for great waves. Successful in the mainstream surf industry, they transitioned early on for a more holistic and purpose-driven sponsorship relationship, as Patagonia ambassadors. Also thriving movie-makers, their company Woodshed Films boasts celebrated titles, like 180° South, Come Hell or High Water, and Sliding Liberia. All their traveling may explain why we never tracked Chris down (call us!); but Keith and Dan tell us that these days, exploring locally (each live within seven miles of each other and their parents, near Ojai, CA), is where they’d rather be. We talked to the brothers about food, farming—which they grew up doing on a small scale—and filmmaking. (Photo: Jeff Lipsky)


Where are you, right now?
In Lompoc, it’s like an hour north of Santa Barbara. [My family and I] all live pretty much in a seven-mile radius of each other, but I’m actually moving a little farther away.

So, you’re the middle child among the boys: Did you ever have the “middle child” syndrome?
I’ll tell you what I have: Dan and Chris are very talkative, and I think I’m more reserved. I don’t know if that has to do with being the middle child or not. But those guys will talk your ear off for hours on end and make conversation with almost anyone they can. I’m pretty much the opposite. I don’t know if that has to do with being the middle child or not.

Chris and Dan were born, respectively, December 21st and December 22nd, so…I think they have more similar personalities. I was born in March. I never really believed in that stuff, but if I think about it, they definitely are much more alike and they look a little more similar in ways.

What did you think about California’s Prop 37 to label foods if they are genetically modified? Did you vote on that?
I did. I definitely think that food should be labeled. I mean, that’s just simple. Why not know what you’re eating? Unfortunately, it didn’t go through, but I think it would’ve been great; it made a lot of sense. Dan and Grace were really fighting hard on that one, and I agreed with them 100 percent.

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The Vertical goes to print

INDOEK. Support awesome surf content!

INDOEK is a bi-coastal, surf-centric blog celebrating independent waveriding culture mixed with all things creative and inspiring. They have been supporters of The Usual since Issue No. 1 so we’re stoked to spread the word about their Kickstarter appeal. We’ll let them tell you more about it in the video they put together below:

We love the new microsite they created about Owen Wright where, in this anatomical study of his physique, they highlight his enormous presence compared to his pro surfing peers as well as other professional athletes.

indoek owen wright

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