Issue 3



Welcome to Summer 2012, The Usual’s second season; our sophomore slump; our terrible twos. But—it’s our third issue so we’re banking on this one being a charm. As the cars, respite-seeking city-dwellers, Hampton expats, and the rest of the motley crew slowly convene on Montauk, we’re watching our quiet little drinking village come to life this year with more businesses, boards and broads than ever. That means a little healthy competition both on land and in the lineup, but it also means more material for The Usual, from Montauk’s most memorable residents.

In this issue we bring you the world’s most famous bodysurfer: Mark Cunningham; the first lady of longboarding, Kassia Meador; Michael Dweck, the man that’s photographed more local derrieres than we can count on our collective fingers; DJ Chelsea Leyland’s favorite beach anthems; Jimmy “Is My Board Done Yet” Goldberg’s love advice; surfer Quincy Davis shows us her ride; and Peter Moon, one of the first to write about the bizarre Montauk Project. If you see us in the water, consider the paper you hold in your hands our way of making it up to you. Happy Summer, Montauk.

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