Spotlight: Chris Burkard

Climbing takes teamwork, especially when it comes to documenting the adventure. Chris’ image perfectly captures the moment when climber and photographer are aligned; with light, landscape, and emotion acting as collaborators for the perfect shot. Chris also recently won a Red Bull Illume award for his photography. Follow him @chrisburkard.

Photographer: Chris Burkard
Equipment: Nikon D300s, 17–50mm f2.8
Joshua Tree is known for its amazing evening glow. As the sun sets over the inland valley, it casts a warm light across the red granite. Rarely do I pull out a camera when climbing, as it has always been a refuge from my work as a photographer. But sometimes when everything comes together I can’t help it. Here, Jeff Johnson was working on a classic boulder—a classic Lynn Hill problem—that has become a test piece for JTree bouldering, known for its non-existent holds and stemming technique. Shooting bouldering is so much different than any other form of climbing: it’s more intimate. - Chris Burkard

Climber: Jeff Johnson
Equipment: 1 x Crash pad, 1 x Metolius chalk bag, 1 x La Sportiva shoes, 1 x Patagonia jeans, 1 x Patagonia merino wool shirt

Chris Burkard The Usual Patagonia
Joshua Tree National Park, CA
33°47´18˝ N 115°53´54˝ W