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  • Issue No. 5

    Issue No. 5

    Our 2014/2015 “we love summer” issue, featuring more side boob than ever before.

    Stauker: Photographer Glenn Glasser’s Locals
    Interview: 6-Time ASP Champ Stephanie Gilmore
    Whose Beach Town is Better: Venice vs. MTK
    Interview: Artist Raphael Mazzucco 
    48 Hrs of Photos: Forest Woodward
    Curating Culture: Gallerist Bill Powers
    History Lesson: Prohibition Era Rum Runners
    Infographic: 10 Montauk Lighthouse Facts
    Help: Stephen Cheuk’s Tips for a Hangover
    Mantauk: Therapy with Jimmy Goldberg
    Montauk Music: Edward Sharpe

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  • Issue No. 4

    Issue No. 4

    Our “Bowery and Beyond” issue and our first collaborative publication with Patagonia.

    Interview: Beastie Boys’ Mike D
    Profile: Patagonia Ambassador Kim Diggs
    Interview: The Malloy Brothers
    Surfing Coney Island: Joey Ramone
    Infographic: How Surf Wax Gets Made
    Mantauk: Therapy with Jimmy Goldberg
    Photo Essay: Zak Bush
    Essay: Hurricane Sandy from Afar
    Infographic: Sandy in Numbers
    Volunteer Voices: Reflecting on Sandy
    Balaram Stack: NY’s First Pro Surfer
    Photo Essay: Chris Burkard’s Frigid Waters
    New Year’s: Watercolored Resolutions
    Interview: Environmentalist Dan Ross

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  • Issue No. 3

    Issue No. 3

    The Usual’s second season, our sophomore slump, our terrible twos. Or the best issue yet? You decide.

    Stauker: Waris Ahluwalia
    Interview: Bodysurfer Mark Cunningham
    Infographic: A Season of Crime in Montauk
    Interview: Kassia Meador
    Photo Essay: Michael Dweck’s Derrieres
    Profile: Quincy Davis’ Quiver
    Mantauk: Therapy with Jimmy Goldberg
    Urban Legend: the MTK Project
    Infographic: Leisurama Homes
    Spotlight: DJ Chelsea Leyland

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  • Issue No. 2

    Issue No. 2

    We only received one threat to get out town after our inaugural issue, so we made a second!

    Photo Essay: Will Adler
    Profile: Rock Royalty Savannah Buffett
    Infographic: A Usual Weekend
    Interview: Surf Legend Tom Curren
    Loud Locals: RHCP’s Chad Smith
    Bumming Around Montauk: Photos by Rachel Chandler
    Interview: Socially Conscious Designer Rogan
    Profile: Artist David Matterhorn
    Montauk Music: The Postelles
    My Fishing Village is Better Than Yours: Padstow vs. MTK
    History Lesson: Montauk’s Mad Scientist

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  • Issue No. 1

    Issue No. 1

    Our first issue! Our “love letter to Montauk” from two of the area’s biggest fans.

    Montauk Myths: With Jimmy Goldberg
    Interview: Playwright Edward Albee
    Mantauk: Local Legend Allan Weisbecker
    Interview: Designer Cynthia Rowley
    Montauk Music: The Cults
    Photo Essay: Ben Watts’ Day Pass
    Infographic: Iconic Boat Names
    Talking Tin Types: Joni Sternbach
    History Lesson: The Last King of Montauk

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  • The Watershed

    The Watershed

    A collaboration with Patagonia about the joys of simple fly fishing, healthy rivers and dam busting.

    Infographic: Healthy Rivers
    Yvon Chouinard: The More You Know…
    Infographic: Guide to Trout
    Interview: Fly Fisher April Vokey
    Essay: Is that Baby a Fisherman?
    Dos and Don’ts: Simple Fly Fishing
    Interview: Dambuster Matt Stoecker
    Photo Essay: Jeremy Koreski
    Infographic: Life Cycle of Salmon
    Angling 2.0: Lola Randolph
    Illustrated: Guide to Salmon
    Old School Activist: Katie Lee
    Atlas: Free Rivers vs. Derelict Dams
    Recipe: Keith Malloy’s Fish Taco
    Interview: 1% for the Planet’s Craig Mathews

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  • The Drift

    The Drift

    A collaborative newsprint publication with Patagonia to celebrate all things snow.

    Map: Global Snow Destinations
    Interview: Skiier Caroline Gleich
    From Paradise to Zero Below: Gerry Lopez
    My Mountain is Better than Yours: Kye vs. Pep
    Infographic: 24 Hrs in a Ski Resort
    In Memory: Liz Daley in Chamonix
    Photo Essay: Garrett Grove
    Interview: Josh Dirksen
    Sustainable Snowsports: Forrest Shearer
    Of Gods and Mountains: Taro Tamai
    Hot Tubbing: With the Jaded Local
    Valhalla: Nick Waggoner and Alex Yoder
    Five Best: Favorite Snow Films
    Flashback: Sick Ski Moves

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  • The Vertical

    The Vertical

    A special publication exploring Patagonia’s rich climbing history.

    Mapping Mountains: East Coast Climbing
    Don of the Dirtbags: Patagonia’s Yvon Chouinard
    History Lesson: A Climbing Timeline
    Profile of an Urban Ape: Timmy O’Neill
    Infographic: Eight Knots to Know
    Pioneering Mountains: Our Favorite Climbers
    Equipment Essentials: Chris Burkard’s
    Interview: Lynn Hill, Living Legend
    Dispatches: Climbing Patagonia
    Renaissance Man: Jeff Johnson
    Illustration: Climbing Compendium

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