The Usual is a creative team with a penchant for culture and the outdoors. We specialize in smart, irreverent branded content.

Emily and Yasha are best friends, business partners and creators of The Usual.

Our Backstory

Living year-round in Montauk, we saw how the beach town brought some of NYC’s most interesting creatives out for the weekends to surf, relax, and make work. We decided to explore these personalities through a limited edition newsprint publication. We chose newsprint because it wasn’t precious – something people could easily read while having a lazy Saturday at the beach. We called ourselves “The Usual” because our mission was to be anything but that – exploring the unusual stories and people that make the area so vibrant. Remind us to tell you about the time Yasha uncovered that Sea Monkeys were invented in Montauk by the first Jewish member of the KKK.

Since we began in 2011, we’ve expanded into a boutique creative agency to help clients translate their vision through an authentic lens. We work across a variety of platforms including print, video, web, events and social media, specializing in smart, irreverent branded content. We’ve worked, and work with, awesome clients including Patagonia, EDITION Hotels, The Surf Lodge, J.Crew, TOMS, Metallica, MoCA, and more.

Yasha + Emily Bios

Yasha Wallin is an award winning editor and writer based in Berlin and New York City. She’s written about art, design, travel, and sustainability for Interview Magazine,, Guardian UK, Art in America, Flaunt, Hollywood Reporter, A Hotel Life and more. Most recently she was GOOD Magazine’s creativity curator and as a copy writer, she works with a variety of fashion, design, and travel clients. To learn more, visit

Hailing from the English countryside, Emily Anderson moved to New York City a decade ago. She’s made an award-winning career out of telling people’s stories in a variety of mediums: illustration, print and web design, mobile apps, brand building, 360° advertising campaigns, events, TV and film. As a director for Ogilvy Entertainment, Anderson also channels her boundless energy into documentary filmmaking around the world. Her goal is to be the first female to direct a James Bond film. For more visit