Before the Descent by Garrett Grove

1. (Cover Image) “I shadowed these ski patrollers on a particularly crazy, very stormy day. The patrollers have to routinely work in these conditions, which leaves the radio and weather towers covered over in snow and ice.” Revelstoke, B.C., February 2012


2. “Holden Village was an abandoned mining town until it became a Lutheran commune. We were there for a week to ski the Central Cascades. To get there you take a boat up the 30+ mile Lake Chelan, then hop on a school bus for 13 miles before you come to the small, desolate village. When newcomers arrive, the locals come wave hello.” Holden Village, WA, March 2011


3. “Forrest Coots leaving Holden Village on the aforementioned boat after an epic trip skiing the Cascades.” Holden Village, WA, March 2011


4. “Evan Stevens cleans the snowcat at Valhalla Mountain Touring, which he owns with his wife and Patagonia climbing ambassador Jasmin Caton. It snowed about four feet every day that week, giving us the best winter opener I’ve ever had.” Kootenays, B.C., December 2012


5. “Patagonia ambassador Carston Oliver puts his skis on in the Whitewater Lodge basement.” Nelson, B.C., 2012


6. “Aneka Singlaub climbs Mt. Matier in shitty, icy conditions. In the background is Aussie Couloir on Mount Joffre—a well-loved area outside of Pemberton, B.C.” December 2011


7. “During the worst weather of a 19-day trip, we lived in this van. The high winds and new snow made for pretty horrific avalanche conditions. To make matters worse, the van was cock blocked when we returned. Our only option was to break in, put the car in neutral and push it out of the way so we could leave.” Niseko, Japan, January 2013


8. “Chris Erickson clears snow off his skis at sunset. We spent the day touring the backcountry soaking up good snow and cloudy conditions, so when the sun broke, it was quite the moment.” Whitewater, B.C., 2011


9. “Digging a pit on our first day in Haines, AK. The assessment revealed scary results. It enforced my thinking that human power is the best way to go so you know the snowback intimately. Getting dropped off on a slope via helicopter then hoping to ski down without going up it first, means a person has to base everything on this one pit.” Haines, AK, March 2013


10. “Tim McDaniel learned to ski five years ago. Ever since, he’s spent 100+ days a year, every year, getting to know the sport.” Whitewater, B.C., 2012


11. “Local snowsurfer Yama enjoys a cold beer and a hot onsen soak in Daisetsuzan National Park, Japan, after an extremely deep day in the backcountry.” February 2013


12. “It was the first trip I ever met Yama and instantly gravitated towards his electric colors and personality. He’s always smiling, snowboarding, stretching, and wearing orange….always!” Icefall Lodge, Golden, B.C., April 2012


13. “Getting handed a beer after one of the best days skiing in Stevens Pass, WA with friends Patrick Haggerty (blue) and Drew Stoecklein (red).” March 2012


14. “Mary Woodward had a starring role in the film ‘All.I.Can’ (2011), because of her and her friends’ lifelong commitment to skiing in the area. Nearly any day you go up she’s there, making lap after lap in the Whitewater area.” Whitewater, B.C., January 2012