Kook Paradise at the New York Surf Film Festival

We’re excited our friends Tin Ojeda and Danny DiMauro’s first film, “Kook Paradise,” has made it into the New York Surf Film Festival, 19-20 September 2012. The movie is part social commentary, part comedy and one heaping spoonful of reality. Filmed on location at Ditch Plains Beach, it highlights the surf culture in and out of the water, bringing levity and humor to surfing’s current popularity in New York. We recently chatted with Danny about some of the heroes we’ll see in “Kook Paradise.” Here they are, in all their illustrated glory.


Harry the Hump, Fixer is Kook Paradise’s resident chiropractor. Not only a surfer himself Harry the Hump, Fixer has been repairing necks, backs, and spines on the beach for nearly three years. Like many others of years gone by, he magically appeared one day as if fallen from the sky. As interesting as his arrival has been, what is even more mystical is the job he’s given himself as surf traffic controller, instructing people on what waves to take and when: “Hey Phil you take this one!” Harry the Hump, Fixer trips the light fantastic when he surfs, and his chiropractic moves on land are equally as dazzling. His office can be found on a self-appointed stretch of land behind Lily’s wagon decorated and fenced off with local rocks. Please if you are visiting our beach do not try and sit in Harry the Hump, Fixer’s area: This area is strictly designated for serious medical attention only.


The smartest woman in Kook Paradise is Helmet Girl. She knows just how dangerous the surf in kook paradise really is. She wears a helmet for protection so she doesn’t get knocked out and end up in one of those underwater caves below the reef. As my good friend Turtle once said, “They’re always pulling bodies out of the caves.” Helmet Girl is a big wave charger and only goes out when the surf gets massive.


Kook Paradise has no shortage of celebrity surfers, riding the wave of the surfing craze. Here Steven Pillberg, not to be mistaken for Steven Speilberg, locking into an incredible ride…Another famous actor turning heads in the water is John Slattery John Hamm from the hit TV series “Mad Men.” Here he is on a picture postcard wave.


Here comes another surfer on his 2012 soft-top model Stu Roids. Stu spends a lot of time at the gym training for his surfing. When he catches a wave all the ladies on the beach really take notice.